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Fate of the Oracle Adventure PDF

  • Fate of the Oracle is a complete 5e adventure for characters of 1st to 5th level. It uses the Arkadia Setting and is compatible with any setting inspired by the history and myths of Ancient Greece.


    The adventure book has over 70 pages of densely packed Greek themed adventure content, set in a bronze age world of heroes and monsters. The layout is familiar and accessible, cast in the mold of official campaigns, it is easy to run with little preparation or adapt to make your own. 


    • Stat Blocks: 50 mythical monsters, bronze age versions of classic foes, and ancient creatures from Arkadia. Every monster in the adventure has a stat block, there is no need to reference other books! 
    • Mythic Magic Items: 15 original bronze age magic items from myth, suited for low level players.
    • Ancient Dungeons: The adventure contains several low level dungeons complete with detailed maps. Encounters and the treasures they reward are balanced and ready to run with no preparation. The adventure has options for both experience and milestones.
    • Open World: A score of random encounters support a regional hex map, offering free exploration of the coast of Arkadia, from its dry hills to its ancient cypress forests and the crumbling pillars of forgotten ruins.
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