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Daggers is a two player micro game, easy to pick up and play. The game is about the size of a deck of playing cards.

Anyone can learn Daggers. Seasoned gamers should be able to jump right in and start to play. Even those with little or no game experience can still learn quickly and have fun.


Daggers only takes about five minutes to play, but once you finish a game, you'll want to play again and again.

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Daggers feels like it belongs in a rich fantasy world. Both the look and play of the game make it seem like a living and immersive piece of a fantasy setting.


If you've ever experienced the trope of the seedy fantasy tavern, be it in a movie, a book, or perhaps a role-playing game, then you know the scene is not complete without a few shady characters gambling in the greasy lantern light. The game they are playing is Daggers.


This cloak and dagger feel isn't limited to thieves, however. The game is also elegant, and its focus on duplicity and schemes is echoed by high society as well. Nobles too can play the game, trading pointed insults as they play.

Daggers implies a history, a world, and a story. Will you be part of them?

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The art and feel of Daggers draws on the iconic images of the tarot. Both in name and depiction the cards have an esoteric flavor that add an air of romanticized mystery to the game.  


Even the stylized three color illustrations are reminiscent of historical techniques used to produce the first printed playing cards.


Little is known about medieval playing cards. Daggers takes those mysteries and spins them into a contemporary and fantastical game unlike any other.


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